The tap windows adapter v9 is the network driver that is necessary for the VPN (Virtual Private Network) connections. Therefore, with the VPN (Virtual Private Network) program, that network driver gets installed automatically. The default folder path of this driver is: C:/Program Files/Tap-Windows. However, a few people have reported on different forums that their net connections do not work with the tap Windows adapter enabled. Even when the users disable that TAP network driver, it enables itself again automatically. Thus, people still cannot connect. Here’re a few fixes resolutions for the tap Windows adapter version 9 issue.

How Can You Resolve The Tap Windows Adapter V9 Issue ?

If you are one of those who are facing this issue and desire to fix it, then simply follow these fixes:

Fix#1: Disabling And Re-Enabling The Adapter

If you are having issues with your tap adapters we recommend to first rebooting it the following method:

  • From your taskbar search box, enter Control Panel.
  • Then, navigate to the Network & Internet > go to the Network sharing Center
  • Click Change adapter settings from the right side of your window.
  • Now, right-click the local area connection which is utilizing the tap windows adapter v9 > choose Disable

tap windows adapter v9

  • Wait for a little moment > right-click this option again > choose Enable

Fix#2: Reinstalling Your Tap Windows Adapter Version 9

If you’re incapable of connecting to a VPN (Virtual Private Network) network (irrespective of the software), start the troubleshooting by checking if the tap adapter is installed properly and install it again if you observe indications of corruption. Follow this guide for reinstalling the tap Windows adapter:

  • Begin by terminating your VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection and closing the linked VPN (Virtual Private Network) software.
  • Open the Run dialog box > enter devmgmt.msc > press Enter for opening the Device Manager.
  • In the Device Manager window, scroll down to the Network adapters > expand a drop-down menu.
  • Find tap windows adapter v9 and check if it has the exclamation mark on the linked icon. If you see that point, installing the driver again will more often than not resolve the problem. For doing so, right-click the driver > choose Uninstall device.

uninstall device

  • Once the windows adapter version 9 driver is eradicated from the Device Manager, open the VPN (Virtual Private Network) client again. Riding on the VPN (Virtual Private Network) program you utilize, it’ll either ask you for installing the missing tap Windows adapter (Network Driver), or it’ll install it automatically without even asking the user.

Note: If the VPN (Virtual Private Network) program just shows a missing driver issue without installing the driver again automatically (after you deleted it from the Device Manager), install the whole VPN (Virtual Private Network) client again. The tap Windows adapter is packed with all VPN (Virtual Private Network) clients installation kits. If you desire to evade installing the VPN (Virtual Private Network) client again, visit any OpenVPN link and then scroll down to the tap Windows and simply download the suitable installer based on the version of your Windows.

  • Next, go back to the Device Manager and check whether that exclamation icon is gone. If it is not, ask for the support from the VPN (Virtual Private Network) client or search for some different VPN (Virtual Private Network) provider.

Fix#3: Resetting The Windows 10

A few people have also reported that resetting their Windows 10 resolves the tap Windows adapter version 9 problem. People can reset Win 10 and keep the files. However, they’ll require installing software and applications again that were not preinstalled. Also, you may also have to set up the default internet connection again. People can reset Win 10 by following this guide.

  • Open your Cortana application > type reset as a search keyword.
  • Next, click on Reset this computer for opening a new window.

reset window

  • Click get started for opening the Reset this computer window.
  • Choose Keep my files.

keep my files

  • Click Next > choose Reset.

So, this is how you can resolve the tap windows adapter v9 issue for restoring your connections. Deleting the VPN program and tap adapter will usually solve the problem. Then you can try to install either an alternative Virtual Private Network client or the original Virtual Private Network package again.

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