Apple televisions are the best method of entertainment for our houses. And, there’re a variety of generations of such product. However, they all make use of one of the two series of Apple television’s remotes. The newer Apple TV remote, which is aluminum, has the Siri-based support that offers browsing features and voice-based control. Both series of the Apple TV remote are pretty strong. However, like all other technology stuff available, they might stop working properly. And, at times you might face a few problems while utilizing them, which can be very annoying.

For assisting you out, we have examined most of the causes around why the Apple TV remote not working. In this post, you can discover what you can do for resolving Apple TV remote problems by yourself.

Reasons Why Your Apple TV Remote Not Working :

For assisting the users with the Apple TV remote issue, we’ve listed some solutions for solving the Apple TV remote not working issue. While before checking the solutions, let’s check the causes for this problem first.

  • The Apple television remote works on batteries. So, ensure that you have inserted the right batteries for your remote to work correctly.
  • It will also not work if there’s something in between your remote and your Apple television. Eradicate anything that is blocking the line of a way between your Apple TV and remote.
  • The IR (Infrared) sensors of both the remote and Apple television ought to visually contact one another for the best communication. People prefer RF (Radio Frequency) signals in place of IR (Infrared) for television remotes but, perhaps we can anticipate that technology in the future gens of Apple devices.

Troubleshooting This Apple TV Remote Problem :

A lot of users report about the Apple TV remote not working problem. If you are also one of them then you can make use of the following solutions to resolve the Apple TV remote issue:

Solution#1: Checking Your Remote’s Battery

Before going for any fixes and repairs, you have to check the battery of your Apple TV remote. The remote may not be working because they are not charged. First, charge your remote for a minimum of thirty minutes utilizing a USB cable and then see if it is functioning.

remote battery

Solution#2: Restarting The Apple TV

It is the easiest solution to resolve the Apple TV remote problem. Try to switch off your Apple television and then switch it back on after some minutes. See if you can operate the television utilizing your remote.

restart apple tv

Solution#3: Pairing Your Remote With The Apple TV Again

Why don’t you simply try to pair your remote and see if it is functioning?

For the users of the Siri remote:

  • Point the remote towards your Apple television.
  • Now, hit and hold the Volume Up button and Menu button of your remote for 5 secs.
  • If asked, keep your remote on top of the Apple television and finish pairing.

re pairing

For the users of white or aluminum remote:

  • Hit and hold the Right buttons and Menu button for around 6 secs.
  • Search for the link symbol on the television screen.
  • Now hit the Apple TV remote. If it flashes three times continuously, you’ve already paired the television with some other remote.

Solution#4: Utilizing The iPad/iPhone As A Remote For The Apple TV

You can also make use of the iPad or iPhone for controlling the Apple TV. Download the Apple TV remote application from the application store and utilize the iPhone for controlling the Apple television. If it functions, then the issue is with your remote. Make certain the device is running on the newest version of iOS, and you have Apple television fourth generation.


Solution#5: Damaged Remote

The Apple TV remote may be damaged if Apple television remote not functioning and in a vital need to be replaced with a new remote. If not, always you experience the same issue, you should not go purchasing a new remote. If this issue persists, you can also get in touch with the Apple Support.

If nothing helps on the television although the remote light flashes then try:

  • First of all, attempt to pair the remote to the television by going to the remote settings and the way for pairing the television remote to the Apple television.
  • When you are utilizing your Siri remote, you can put it into pairing mode and then reset it. Simply try to hit the Up Volume and Menu button at the same time for resetting the Apple TV remote.
  • On the Apple television remote, you can hit down Volume and Menu button for restarting the Apple television.
  • If the things do not help even after rebooting the Apple television what you can do is for unplugging the Apple television for a while. Just take 6 six to seven minutes of a gap before plugging it back in. Sometimes, such plugging and unplugging of the Apple television can really make it all function.

Solution#6: Resetting Your Apple TV And Remote Connection

The Apple TV remote not working problem can also be because of the broken link between both the remote and Apple television. Reset both to see if the Apple TV remote issue gets fixed.

  • Unplug your Apple television and plug it back after some seconds.

reset remote

  • Try utilizing your remote again.

Solution#7: Removing The Obstacles Or Obstructions And Keep In Range

  • Please make sure to remove anything that is blocking the way between the Apple Remote and the front of the Apple television, which is where the IR (Infrared) sensor is.
  • We’d like it if the Apple TV remote came outfitted with an RF (Radio Frequency) signal instead of IR (Infrared), but given that it’s IR (Infrared), the sight line needs to be clear for your remote for communicating to the television unit.


  • For your Siri remotes, you also have to stay within the range because your remote depends on the Bluetooth connection to the Apple television.

The Last Words:

In case the Siri Remote for Apple television is incapable of connecting, the conventional method can be to purchase one of USB-C cords. Then you can try to do a Factory Reset on the Apple television with the assistance of iTunes.

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